Protective Status for Bosnia-Herzegovina

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The Attorney General has extended for 12 months, from
August 11, 1994 to August 10, 1995, a temporary
protective status, TPS, for eligible nationals of
Any alien who is a national of
Bosnia-Herzegovina or any alien, having no nationality
who last resided in Bosnia-Herzegovina and who has
been present in the U.S. since August 10, 1992 and was
previously granted temporary protective status, must
comply with re-registration requirements.

Eligible applicants are required to re-register by filing a
new application for TPS, Form I-821 together with
Form I-765, ""Application for Employment
There is no filing fee for the Form I-821
filed as part of the re-registration application. Although
all TPS re-registrations must include Form I-765, the
filing fee is only required when Employment
Authorization is requested.

Generally, eligibility for TPS during the one year period,
ending on AUGUST 10, 1995, requires the filing of Form
I-821 and I-765 before August 15, 1994.
However, late
re-registration applications may be excusable.

Effective November 5, 1993, eligible applicants who did
not register during the initial one year registration
period, may file if they are or were in a valid or
non-valid immigrant status during the initial registration
Non-immigrants are eligible for this late filing
whether still in valid non-immigrant status or after their
status has ended.
However, late registrations must be
filed no later than 30 days after the end of immigrant or
non-immigrant status.
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