Family Reunification of Refugees or Political Asylees

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If you came to the United States as a refugee, you can apply for your spouse and any unmarried children under age 21 to join you here. To apply for your spouse, you must have been married to that person before you were approved to travel to the US. If you were granted political asylum in the US, you can also request that your spouse and any unmarried children under 21 be allowed to enter the US.

To start you must go to the INS and fill out a Form I-730.

After the immigration service has approved the Form I-730, you will recieve from them a notice of approval letter. This means that the immigration service has sent the information US embassy or consulate in the country where your family is living. That embassy or consulate will contact your family and tell them what to do.

It usually takes between 2-3 months between the time you recieve the notice of approval from the Immigration Service and the time you family is contacted by the embassy or consulate.

If you have not heard from the Immigration Service since you filed the I-730 petition, you must contact the Immigration Service to find out what has happened. We are not able to assisit you until the Immigration Service has approved your I-730.

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