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Not only will you be able to COMPREHEND the history and leading court cases; but also learn the Tax-Saving strategies used by the leading tax planners. Here is an example of what you will learn by reading this valuable book:

MYTH: You may have heard that real estate DEALERS (Developers and Builders) DON'T qualify for a tax-deferred exchange? WRONG! Learn how they can qualify at pages 67-71.

MYTH: Many tax practitioners claim that a taxpayer must hold onto their acquired properties for at least 1 year before they can exchange again. WRONG! Learn how quickly they can exchange again at pages 52-54.

ANOTHER MYTH: Some people claim that a taxpayer can't convert their rental into a primary residence or vice versa. WRONG! Learn how easy it can be at page 43.

AND ANOTHER: Experts claim that Partnerships or individual partners can't do an exchange. WRONG! Learn how they can at pages 60-62.

Besides TAX-SAVING STRATEGIES, this book discusses common Exchange situations, such as: 6 ways to take CASH OUT of an exchange at pages 44-51; How to establish a taxpayer's INTENT to do an Exchange at pages 20-22; What properties QUALIFY and which ones don't at pages 7-9; Why Exchanges have FAILED and how to prevent that from occurring at pages 33-37.

SECRETS: This book teaches you the tax-saving secrets of the rich and famous at a very low price.

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