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Jon Vote's Pig-hEaDIT

English-to-Pig Latin Translator for Windows (SHAREWARE)

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Igpay Atinlay (Pig Latin)

Ethay estquay orfay ethay ultimateyay Englishyay otay Igpay Atinlay anslatortray isyay inallyfay overyay!
Igpay-EaDIThay orfay Indowsway isyay ownay availableyay otay ovidepray ayay otaltay olutionsay otay ouryay Igpay Atinlay eedsnay.

Ucespray upyay ouryay esumeray, impressyay ouryay iendsfray andyay etgay ayay iecepay ofyay ethay IGPAY.

Oremay anthay ustjay ethay emierepray Igpay Atinlay ogrampray onyay ethay arketmay, Igpay-EaDIThay orfay Indowsway isyay ethay editoryay ouyay ishway amecay ithway Indowsway.

Unlikeyay Otepadnay, Igpay-EaDIThay ancay andlehay ugehay ilesfay - imitedlay onlyyay ybay ethay esourcesray ofyay ouryay omputercay.

Igpay-EaDIThay ancay alsoyay andlehay anymay ocumentsday atyay onceyay.

Earchsay oryay eplaceray exttay inyay oneyay oryay ayay undredhay ocumentsday atyay ethay amesay imetay!

Extensiveyay onyay-inel elphay andyay anyay easyyay otay useyay interfaceyay akemay ityay ayay inchcay otay useyay.

Andyay, ifyay ou'reyay eelingfay ayay ittlelay eirdway - ustjay ickclay ethay igpay andyay ouryay ocumentday illway ebay instantlyyay anslatedtray intoyay Igpay Atinlay.

Atwhay oremay ouldcay ouyay askyay orfay inyay anyay editoryay?

English (Englishyay)

The quest for the ultimate English to Pig Latin translator is finally over!

Pig-hEaDIT for Windows is now available to provide a total solution to your Pig Latin needs.

Spruce up your resume, impress your friends and get a piece of the PIG.

More than just the premiere Pig Latin program on the market, Pig-hEaDIT for Windows is the editor you wish came with Windows.

Unlike Notepad, Pig-hEaDIT can handle huge files - limited only by the resources of your computer.

Pig-hEaDIT can also handle many documents at once.

Search or replace text in one or a hundred documents at the same time!

Extensive on-line help and an easy to use interface make it a cinch to use.

And, if you're feeling a little weird - just click the pig and your document will be instantly translated into Pig Latin.

What more could you ask for in an editor?

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