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Clip cups - Compressors

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3229 Clip cups, glass-mfg
2499 Clipboards, wood-mfg
3421 Clippers, fingernail and toenail-mfg
3999 Clippers, hair: for human use-hand and electric-mfg
3523 Clippers, hair: for animal use-hand and electric-mfg
3496 Clips and fasteners, made from purchased wire-mfg
3484 Clips, gun: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3069 Cloaks, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
3873 Clock materials and parts, except crystals and jewels-mfg
3651 Clock radio and telephone combinations-mfg
3651 Clock radios-mfg
7631 Clock repair shops
3495 Clock springs, precision: made from purchased wire-mfg
3873 Clocks, assembling of-mfg
3873 Clocks, except timeclocks-mfg
5944 Clocks, including custom made-retail
5094 Clocks-wholesale
3663 Closed circuit television equipment-mfg
4841 Closed circuit television services
3261 Closet bowls, vitreous china-mfg
5113 Closures, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
3089 Closures, plastics-mfg
3466 Closures, stamped metal-mfg
2269 Cloth mending, except wool: for the trade-mfg
3552 Cloth spreading machines-mfg
3552 Cloth stripping machines-mfg
2499 Cloth winding reels, wood-mfg
3291 Cloth, abrasive-mfg
3292 Cloth, asbestos-mfg
2257 Cloth, circular knit-mfg
3861 Cloth, photographic: sensitized-mfg
3952 Cloth, tracing (drafting material)-mfg
2295 Cloth, varnished glass-mfg
2258 Cloth, warp knit-mitse-mfg
2231 Cloth, wool: mending for the trade-mfg
3496 Cloth, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
2672 Cloth-lined paper-mfpm-mfg
7389 Cloth: cutting to length, bolting, or winding for textile distributors
3291 Cloth: garnet, emery, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide coated-mfg
3822 Clothes dryer controls, including dryness controls-mfg
2499 Clothes dryers (clothes horses), wood-mfg
5064 Clothes dryers, household: electric and gas-wholesale
2499 Clothes drying frames, wood-mfg
3089 Clothes hangers, plastics-mfg
5199 Clothes hangers-wholesale
2499 Clothes horses, wood-mfg
2499 Clothes poles, wood-mfg
3089 Clothespins, plastics-mfg
2499 Clothespins, wood-mfg
5137 Clothing accessories: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
7219 Clothing alteration and repair shops
7299 Clothing rental, except industrial launderers and linen supply
5651 Clothing stores, family-retail
5611 Clothing stores, men's and boys'-retail
5932 Clothing stores, secondhand-retail
3942 Clothing, doll-mfg
3699 Clothing, electrically heated-mfg
3842 Clothing, fire resistant and protective-mfg
2371 Clothing, fur-mfg
2386 Clothing, leather or sheep-lined-mfg
5136 Clothing, men's and boys'-wholesale
5621 Clothing, ready-to-wear: women's-retail
3069 Clothing, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
2385 Clothing, waterproof-mfpm-mfg
5137 Clothing: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
2394 Cloths, drop: fabric-mfpm-mfg
2842 Cloths, dusting and polishing: chemically treated-mfg
2392 Cloths, lunch-mfpm-mfg
2399 Cloths, saddle-mfg
8999 Cloud seeding
0139 Clover farms
2514 Clubroom furniture, metal-mfg
2511 Clubroom furniture, wood-mfg
7991 Clubs, health
7997 Clubs, membership: sports and recreation, except physical fitness
2499 Clubs, police: wood-mfg
3949 Clubs: golf, Indian, etc. (sporting goods)-mfg
3292 Clutch facings, asbestos-mfg
3568 Clutches, except motor vehicle-mfg
**** Clutches, vehicle-classify by type of vehicle
2835 Coagulation diagnostic reagents-mfg
2836 Coagulation products-mfg
3532 Coal breakers, cutters, and pulverizers-mfg
3444 Coal chutes, prefabricated sheet metal-mfg
5989 Coal dealers-retail
3312 Coal gas, derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
1311 Coal gasification at the mine site
1311 Coal liquefaction at the mine site
1231 Coal mining, anthracite
1221 Coal mining, bituminous: surface
1222 Coal mining, bituminous-underground
1221 Coal mining-brown
4619 Coal pipeline operation
1221 Coal preparation plants, bituminous or lignite
1311 Coal pyrolysis at the mine site
3312 Coal tar crudes, derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
2865 Coal tar crudes, derived from coal tar distillation-mfg
2865 Coal tar distillates-mfg
2865 Coal tar intermediates-mfg
2951 Coal tar paving materials, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
5169 Coal tar products, primary and intermediate-wholesale
2821 Coal tar resins-mfg
5052 Coal-wholesale
3751 Coaster brakes, bicycle-mfg
4424 Coastwise transportation of freight
2369 Coat and legging sets: girls' and children's-mfpm-mfg
3496 Coat hangers, made from purchased wire-mfg
2396 Coat linings, fronts, and pads: for men's coats-mfg
2371 Coat linings, fur-mfg
7213 Coat supply service
2396 Coat trimmings fabric-mfpm-mfg
5131 Coated fabrics-wholesale
2671 Coated paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
3479 Coating (hot dipping) of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
3554 Coating and finishing machinery, paper-mfg
2295 Coating and impregnating of fabrics, except rubberizing-mfg
3479 Coating and wrapping steel pipe-mfg
2952 Coating compounds, tar-mfpm-mfg
1799 Coating of concrete structures with plastics-contractors
3479 Coating of metals with plastics and resins, for the trade-mfg
3479 Coating of metals with silicon, for the trade-mfg
2851 Coating, air curing-mfg
3479 Coating, rust preventive-mfg
2066 Coatings, chocolate-mfg
2337 Coats, except fur and raincoats: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2329 Coats, except tailored or work: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2371 Coats, fur-mfg
2386 Coats, leather or sheep-lined-mfg
5136 Coats, men's and boys'-wholesale
2329 Coats, oiled fabric and blanket-lined: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Coats, service apparel (e.g., medical and lab)-mfg
2311 Coats, tailored: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2369 Coats: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
5137 Coats: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
3357 Coaxial cable, nonferrous-mfg
5063 Coaxial cable-wholesale
2819 Cobalt 60 (radioactive)-mfg
2819 Cobalt chloride-mfg
1061 Cobalt ore mining
3339 Cobalt refining, primary-mfg
2819 Cobalt sulfate-mfg
2833 Cocaine and derivatives-mfg
3432 Cocks, drain (including basin)-mfg
5813 Cocktail lounges
2087 Cocktail mixes, nonalcoholic-mfg
2085 Cocktails, alcoholic-mfg
5182 Cocktails, alcoholic: premixed-wholesale
2066 Cocoa butter-mfg
2066 Cocoa mix, instant-mfg
2066 Cocoa, powdered: mixed with other substances-mfg
2076 Coconut oil-mfg
2099 Coconut, desiccated and shredded-mfg
2843 Cod oil, sulfonated-mfg
0912 Cod, catching of
3827 Coddington magnifying instruments-mfg
2833 Codeine and derivatives-mfg
2091 Codfish: smoked, salted, dried, and pickled-mfg
2095 Coffee concentrates (instant coffee)-mfg
2095 Coffee extracts-mfg
0179 Coffee farms
2087 Coffee flavorings and syrups-mfg
3634 Coffee makers, household: electric-mfg
3556 Coffee roasting and grinding machines-mfg
2095 Coffee roasting, except by wholesale grocers-mfg
5812 Coffee shops
5499 Coffee stores-retail
2043 Coffee substitutes made from grain-mfg
2511 Coffee tables, wood-mfg
5046 Coffee urns, commercial-wholesale
3589 Coffee urns-restaurant type-mfg
2095 Coffee, ground: mixed with grain or chicory-mfg
2095 Coffee, instant and freeze-dried-mfg
5963 Coffee-cart food service-retail
5149 Coffee: green, roasted, instant, freeze-dried, or extract-wholesale
1629 Cofferdam construction-general contractors
4119 Cog railways, except amusement and scenic
3549 Coil winding machines for springs-mfg
7694 Coil winding service
3677 Coil windings, electronic-mfg
3493 Coiled flat springs-mfg
3549 Coilers (metalworking machines)-mfg
3621 Coils for motors and generators-mfg
3677 Coils, chokes and other inductors, electronic-mfg
5065 Coils, electronic-wholesale
3694 Coils, ignition: internal combustion engines-mfg
3498 Coils, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
3354 Coils, rod: aluminum-extruded-mfg
3353 Coils, sheet: aluminum-mfg
3355 Coils, wire: aluminum-made in rolling mills-mfg
3578 Coin counters-mfg
3172 Coin purses, regardless of material-mfg
5999 Coin shops-retail, except mail-order
3579 Coin wrapping machines-mfg
3999 Coin-operated amusement machine, except phonographs-mfg
7215 Coin-operated drycleaning
5099 Coin-operated game machines
7215 Coin-operated laundries
7215 Coin-operated laundry and drycleaning routes
7359 Coin-operated machine rental and leasing
5962 Coin-operated machines selling merchandise
3581 Coin-operated merchandise vending machines-mfg
3651 Coin-operated phonographs-mfg
7299 Coin-operated service machine operation: scales, shoeshine, lockers, and blood pressure
5961 Coins, mail-order-retail
5094 Coins-wholesale
2299 Coir yarns and roving-mfg
1629 Coke oven construction-general contractors
4925 Coke oven gas, production and distribution
4925 Coke ovens, byproduct: operated for manufacture or distribution of gas
2999 Coke, petroleum: not produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2911 Coke, petroleum: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3312 Coke, produced in beehive ovens-mfg
3312 Coke, produced in chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
5052 Coke-wholesale
3585 Cold drink dispensing equipment, except coin-operated-mfg
3547 Cold forming type mills (rolling mill machinery)-mfg
2835 Cold kits for labeling with technetium-mfg
2834 Cold remedies-mfg
4222 Cold storage locker rental
5078 Cold storage machinery-wholesale
1541 Cold storage plant construction-general contractors
4222 Cold storage warehousing
3316 Cold-finished steel bars: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3316 Cold-rolled steel strip, sheet, and bars: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
2099 Cole slaw in bulk-mfg
1474 Colemanite mining
3499 Collapsible tubes for viscous products, metal-mfg
2339 Collar and cuff sets: women's, misses' and juniors'- mfpm-mfg
2253 Collar and cuff sets-mitse-mfg
3965 Collar buttons, except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
3911 Collar buttons, precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
3111 Collar leather-mfg
2396 Collar linings, for men's coats-mfg
3545 Collars (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3199 Collars and collar pads (harness)-mfg
3199 Collars, dog-mfg
2321 Collars, men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
3568 Collars, shaft (power transmission equipment)-mfg
3555 Collating machines for printing and bookbinding trade use-mfg
3579 Collating machines for store or office use-mfg
7216 Collecting and distributing agencies operated by cleaning plants
7211 Collecting and distributing agencies, laundry: operated by power laundries
7212 Collecting and distributing agents-laundry and drycleaning
7322 Collection agencies, accounts
8631 Collective bargaining units
3621 Collector rings for motors and generators-mfg
7299 College clearinghouses
8221 Colleges, except junior
3545 Collets (machine tool accessories)-mfg
7532 Collision shops, automotive
2844 Colognes-mfg
3845 Colonscopes, electromedical-mfg
2752 Color cards, paint: offset printing-mfg
2865 Color lakes and toners-mfg
2752 Color lithography-mfg
2816 Color pigments, inorganic-mfg
2865 Color pigments, organic: except animal black and bone black-mfg
2759 Color printing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Color printing: gravure-mfg
2796 Color separations for printing-mfg
3826 Colorimeters, laboratory type-mfg
3471 Coloring and finishing of aluminum and formed products, for the trade-mfg
3111 Coloring of leather-mfg
2087 Colorings, food: except synthetic-mfg
5198 Colors and pigments-wholesale
2087 Colors for bakers' and confectioners' use, except synthetic-mfg
2851 Colors in oil, except artists'-mfg
3952 Colors, artists': water and oxide ceramic glass-mfg
2865 Colors, dry: lakes, toners, or full strength organic colors-mfg
2865 Colors, extended (color lakes)-mfg
2865 Colors, food: synthetic-mfg
3842 Colostomy appliances-mfg
1061 Columbite mining
3339 Columbium refining, primary-mfg
3272 Columns, concrete-mfg
3443 Columns, fractionating: metal plate-mfg
3299 Columns, papier-mache or plaster of paris-mfg
3172 Comb cases, except precious metal-mfg
3999 Comb mounting, except precious metal-mfg
3731 Combat ships, building and repairing-mfg
5088 Combat vehicles, except trucks-wholesale
2281 Combed yarn, cotton-mfg
3822 Combination limit and fan controls-mfg
3822 Combination oil and hydronic controls-mfg
3523 Combines (harvester-threshers)-mfg
2299 Combing and converting top-mfg
3552 Combing machines, textile-mfg
0722 Combining, agricultural
3999 Combs, except hard rubber-mfg
3069 Combs, hard rubber-mfg
3089 Combs, plastics-mfg
3823 Combustion control instruments, except commercial and household furnace type-mfg
7299 Comfort station operation
2392 Comforters or comfortables-mfpm-mfg
2221 Comforters, manmade fiber-mitse-mfg
2721 Comic books: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3262 Commercial and household tableware and kitchenware: vitreous china-mfg
6512 Commercial and industrial buildings, operators of
7336 Commercial art and illustration
8249 Commercial art schools
6021 Commercial banks, national
6029 Commercial banks, not chartered
6022 Commercial banks, state
1542 Commercial building construction-general contractors
3263 Commercial earthenware, semivitreous-mfg
3646 Commercial lighting fixtures-mfg
6153 Commercial paper and accounts receivable, purchasers of
7335 Commercial photography
2711 Commercial printing and newspaper publishing combined-mfg
2754 Commercial printing, gravure-mfg
2752 Commercial printing, lithographic-mfg
2752 Commercial printing, offset-mfg
2759 Commercial printing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
5112 Commercial stationers (not printers)-wholesale
3263 Commercial tableware and kitchenware, fine earthenware-mfg
3469 Commercial utensils, stamped and pressed metal: except cast aluminum-mfg
1541 Commercial warehouse construction-general contractors
7812 Commercials, television: tape or film production
5812 Commissary restaurants
**** Commission merchants, commodity: wholesale-code according to commodity
6111 Commodity Credit Corporation
6221 Commodity brokers (contracts)
6231 Commodity contract exchanges
6799 Commodity contract pool operators
6799 Commodity contract trading companies
6221 Commodity dealers (contracts)
**** Commodity or merchandise brokers and dealers-code according to commodity
1442 Common sand mining
9431 Communicable disease program administration-government
3661 Communication headgear, telephone-mfg
9631 Communications commissions-government
3661 Communications equipment and parts, telephone and telegraph-mfg
1731 Communications equipment installation-contractors
5065 Communications equipment, except household-wholesale
3663 Communications equipment, mobile and microwave-mfg
3357 Communications wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
2531 Communion tables, wood-mfg
2052 Communion wafers-mfg
8399 Community action agencies
8322 Community centers
8399 Community chests
8222 Community colleges (junior)
9532 Community development agencies-government
8399 Community development groups
8641 Community membership clubs, other than amusement and recreation clubs
8331 Community service employment training programs
7922 Community theater productions
3621 Commutators, electric motor-mfg
3679 Commutators, electronic-mfg
4111 Commuter bus operation
4111 Commuter rail passenger operation
3652 Compact disc, prerecorded: except video-mfg
3531 Compactors, soil: vibratory-mfg
3961 Compacts, except precious metal and solid leather-mfg
3911 Compacts, precious metal-mfg
3172 Compacts, solid leather-mfg
3545 Comparators (machinists' precision tools)-mfg
3827 Comparators, optical-mfg
3812 Compasses, gyroscopic and magnetic except portable-mfg
3829 Compasses, magnetic: portable type-mfg
5031 Composite board products, wood-based-wholesale
2951 Composition blocks for paving-mfg
3089 Composition stone, plastics-mfg
2791 Composition, hand: for the printing trade-mfg
2791 Composition, machine: e.g., linotype, monotype-for the printing trade-mfg
2875 Compost-mfg
3843 Compounds, dental-mfg
3491 Compressed gas cylinder valves-mfg
3585 Compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioning-mfg
3563 Compressors, air and gas: for general industrial use-mfg
5075 Compressors, air-conditioning-wholesale
5084 Compressors, except air-conditioning and refrigeration-wholesale

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