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Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index

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3565 Label moisteners, industrial type-mfg
7389 Labeling bottles, cans, cartons, etc. for the trade: not printing
3565 Labeling machinery, industrial type-mfg
3579 Labeling machines, address-mfg
2269 Labels, cotton: printed-mfg
2752 Labels, lithographed-mfg
2759 Labels, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2241 Labels, woven-mfg
5131 Labels, woven-wholesale
2754 Labels: gravure printing-mfg
7361 Labor contractors (employment agencies), except farm labor
8631 Labor organizations
7363 Labor pools
8631 Labor unions
9651 Labor-management negotiations boards-government
8072 Laboratories, dental-X-ray
8731 Laboratories, industrial: commercial research, except testing
7819 Laboratories, motion picture
8734 Laboratories, product testing: not manufacturing auxiliaries
8731 Laboratories, research: commercial
8071 Laboratories: biological, medical, and X-ray (picture and treatment)
8731 Laboratory (physical) research and development
0279 Laboratory animal farms (e.g., rats, mice, guinea pigs)
2819 Laboratory chemicals, inorganic-mfg
2869 Laboratory chemicals, organic-mfg
2326 Laboratory coats: men's-mfpm-mfg
5047 Laboratory equipment, dental and medical-wholesale
5049 Laboratory equipment, except medical or dental-wholesale
3821 Laboratory equipment: fume hoods, distillation racks, benches, and cabinets-mfg
3231 Laboratory glassware, made from purchased glass-mfg
7699 Laboratory instrument repair, except electric
3825 Laboratory standards, electric: resistance, inductance, and capacitance-mfg
3069 Laboratory sundries: e.g., cases, covers, funnels, cups, bottles-rubber-mfg
3089 Laboratoryware, plastics-mfg
0831 Lac production
3552 Lace and net machines-mfg
5131 Lace fabrics-wholesale
2258 Lace goods: curtains, bedspreads, table covers, flouncings, and insertions-mfg
3111 Lace leather-mfg
3552 Lace machine bobbins, wood or metal-mfg
2241 Lace, auto wind-mfg
2395 Lace, burnt-out-mfg
2258 Lace, knit-mfg
2675 Lace, paper: die-cut from purchased materials-mfg
3131 Laces, boot and shoe: leather-mfg
2241 Laces, corset and shoe: textile-mfg
2258 Laces: Barmen, bobbinet, levers, and Nottingham-mfg
2241 Lacings-mitse-mfg
2851 Lacquer bases and dopes-mfg
2851 Lacquer thinner-mfg
2851 Lacquer, clear and pigmented-mfg
3479 Lacquering of metal products, for the trade-mfg
3567 Lacquering ovens-mfg
2851 Lacquers, plastics-mfg
5198 Lacquers-wholesale
3949 Lacrosse equipment-mfg
2023 Lactose, edible-mfg
3499 Ladder assemblies, combination workstand: metal-mfg
3531 Ladder ditchers, vertical boom or wheel-mfg
3429 Ladder jacks, metal-mfg
2499 Ladder jacks, wood-mfg
2426 Ladder round-mfg
2426 Ladder rounds or rungs, hardwood-mfg
3446 Ladders, chain: metal-mfg
3446 Ladders, for permanent installation: metal-mfg
3499 Ladders, metal: portable-mfg
3089 Ladders, plastics-mfg
2499 Ladders, wood-mfg
5084 Ladders-wholesale
5137 Ladies' handkerchiefs-wholesale
5137 Ladies' purses-wholesale
3443 Ladle bails-mfg
3255 Ladle brick, clay-mfg
3443 Ladles, metal plate-mfg
4449 Lake freight transportation, except on the Great Lakes
2865 Lake red C toners-mfg
2865 Lakes, color-mfg
2013 Lamb stew, mfpm-mfg
2011 Lamb-mitse-mfg
2679 Laminated building paper-mfpm-mfg
2675 Laminated cardboard-mfpm-mfg
3211 Laminated glass, made from glass produced in the same establishment-mfg
3231 Laminated glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3083 Laminated plastics plate, rods, and tubes and sheet, except flexible packaging-mfg
2891 Laminating compounds-mfg
2295 Laminating of fabrics-mfg
7389 Laminating of photographs (coating photographs with plastics)
3399 Laminating steel for the trade-mfg
3641 Lamp (bulb) parts, electric-mfg
5719 Lamp and shade shops-retail
3281 Lamp bases, onyx-mfg
3089 Lamp bases, plastics-mfg
3269 Lamp bases, pottery-mfg
2816 Lamp black-mfg
5063 Lamp bulbs -wholesale
3641 Lamp bulbs and tubes, electric: incandescent filament, fluorescent, and vapor-mfg
3641 Lamp bulbs and tubes, health: infrared and ultraviolet radiation-mfg
3648 Lamp fixtures, infrared-mfg
3496 Lamp frames, wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3559 Lamp making machinery, incandescent-mfg
3229 Lamp parts, glass-mfg
3446 Lamp posts, metal-mfg
3999 Lamp shade frames-mfg
3229 Lamp shades, glass-mfg
3645 Lamp shades, metal-mfg
3089 Lamp shades, plastics-mfg
3999 Lamp shades: except metal and glass-mfg
3643 Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)-mfg
3645 Lamps (lighting fixtures), residential: electric-mfg
3844 Lamps, X-ray-mfg
3641 Lamps, glow-mfg
3699 Lamps, insect: electric-mfg
3647 Lamps, marker and clearance: motor vehicle-mfg
3641 Lamps, sealed beam-mfg
3841 Lamps, slit (ophthalmic goods)-mfg
5023 Lamps: floor, boudoir, desk-wholesale
1629 Land clearing-contractors
1629 Land drainage-contractors
1629 Land leveling (irrigation)-contractors
9512 Land management agencies-government
5083 Land preparation machinery, agricultural-wholesale
1629 Land reclamation-contractors
3523 Land rollers and levelers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
8713 Land surveying
4953 Landfill, sanitary: operation of
6519 Landholding offices
3728 Landing gear, aircraft-mfg
3449 Landing mats, aircraft: metal-mfg
3731 Landing ships, building and repairing-mfg
3728 Landing skis and tracks, aircraft-mfg
0781 Landscape architects
0781 Landscape counseling
0781 Landscape planning
8299 Language schools
3229 Lantern globes, glass: pressed or blown-mfg
3861 Lantern slide plates, sensitized-mfg
2679 Lanterns, halloween: papier mache-mfpm-mfg
3648 Lanterns: electric, gas, carbide, kerosene, and gasoline-mfg
5085 Lapidary equipment-wholesale
3915 Lapidary work, contract and other-mfg
3541 Lapping machines-mfg
2013 Lard-mfpm-mfg
2011 Lard-mitse-mfg
5147 Lard-wholesale
3674 Laser diodes-mfg
3845 Laser systems and equipment, medical-mfg
3699 Laser welding, drilling and cutting equipment-mfg
3199 Lashes (whips)-mfg
2411 Last blocks, wood: hewn or riven-mfg
2499 Last sole patterns, regardless of material-mfg
2499 Lasts, boot and shoe: regardless of material-mfg
3069 Latex, foamed-mfg
3449 Lath, expanded metal-mfg
2493 Lath, fiber-mfg
3275 Lath, gypsum-mfg
2421 Lath, made in sawmills and lathmills-mfg
3496 Lath, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3545 Lathe attachments and cutting tools (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3541 Lathes, metal cutting-mfg
3541 Lathes, metal polishing-mfg
3542 Lathes, spinning-mfg
3553 Lathes, wood turning: including accessories-mfg
1742 Lathing-contractors
3111 Latigo leather-mfg
7218 Laundered mat and rug supply service
2399 Launderers' nets-mfg
7218 Launderers, industrial
7215 Launderettes
7542 Laundries, automotive
7219 Laundries, except power and coin-operated
7211 Laundries, power: family and commercial
7215 Laundromats
7211 Laundry collecting and distributing outlets operated by power laundries
3537 Laundry containers on wheels-mfg
5087 Laundry equipment and supplies-wholesale
2211 Laundry fabrics, cotton-mfg
3444 Laundry hampers, sheet metal-mfg
7215 Laundry machine routes, coin-operated
3582 Laundry machinery and equipment, commercial, including coin-operated-mfg
3633 Laundry machinery, household, including coin-operated-mfg
2211 Laundry nets-mitse-mfg
5169 Laundry soap, chips, and powder-wholesale
2899 Laundry sours-mfg
3272 Laundry trays, concrete-mfg
3261 Laundry trays, vitreous china-mfg
3431 Laundry tubs, enameled iron and other metal-mfg
3088 Laundry tubs, plastics-mfg
2869 Lauric acid esters-mfg
3431 Lavatories, enameled iron and other metal-mfg
3088 Lavatories, plastics-mfg
3261 Lavatories, vitreous china-mfg
9229 Law enforcement statistics centers-government
8111 Law offices
0782 Lawn care
3524 Lawn edgers, power-mfg
0782 Lawn fertilizing services
2514 Lawn furniture, metal-mfg
2519 Lawn furniture: except wood, metal, stone, and concrete-mfg
5021 Lawn furniture-wholesale
5083 Lawn machinery and equipment-wholesale
0782 Lawn mowing services
0782 Lawn mulching services
3524 Lawn rollers, residential-mfg
0782 Lawn seeding services
0782 Lawn spraying services
0782 Lawn sprigging services
1711 Lawn sprinkler system installation-contractors
7699 Lawnmower repair shops
3524 Lawnmowers, hand and power: residential-mfg
5261 Lawnmowers-retail
2211 Lawns, cotton-mfg
8111 Lawyers
2834 Laxatives-mfg
1094 Leaching of uranium, radium or vanadium ores at mine site
3691 Lead acid batteries (storage batteries)-mfg
3356 Lead and lead alloy bars, pipe, plates, rods, sheets, strip, and tubing-mfg
2879 Lead arsenate, formulated-mfg
2892 Lead azide (explosives)-mfg
1799 Lead burning-contractors
3364 Lead die-castings-mfg
3497 Lead foil, not made in rolling mills-mfg
1031 Lead ore mining
5052 Lead ore-wholesale
2816 Lead oxide pigments-mfg
2819 Lead oxides, other than pigments-mfg
2816 Lead pigments-mfg
3339 Lead pigs, blocks, ingots, and refinery shapes: primary-mfg
3356 Lead rolling, drawing, and extruding-mfg
2819 Lead silicate-mfg
3339 Lead smelting and refining, primary-mfg
3341 Lead smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
3295 Lead, black (natural graphite): ground, refined, or blended-mfg
3641 Lead-in wires, electric lamp: made from purchased wire-mfg
2851 Lead-in-oil paints-mfg
1031 Lead-zinc ore mining
5051 Lead-wholesale
3231 Leaded glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3555 Leads, printers'-mfg
3423 Leaf skimmers and swimming pool rakes-mfg
3493 Leaf springs: automobile, locomotive, and other vehicle-mfg
3497 Leaf, metal-mfg
3599 Leak detectors, water-mfg
1389 Lease tanks, oil and gas field: erecting, cleaning, and repairing-on a contract basis
7374 Leasing of computer time
7377 Leasing of computers, except finance leasing or by the manufacturer
5199 Leather and cut stock-wholesale
5136 Leather and sheep-lined clothing, men's and boys'-wholesale
5137 Leather and sheep-lined clothing: women's and children's-wholesale
3199 Leather belting for machinery: flat, solid, twisted, and built-up-mfg
5085 Leather belting, packing-wholesale
3111 Leather coloring, cutting, embossing, japanning, and welting-mfg
3111 Leather converters-mfg
2842 Leather dressings and finishes-mfg
2865 Leather dyes and stains, synthetic-mfg
2843 Leather finishing agents-mfg
3151 Leather gloves or mittens-mfg
7699 Leather goods repair shops
5199 Leather goods, except footwear, gloves, luggage, and belting-wholesale
5948 Leather goods, including goods made to individual order-retail
3172 Leather goods, small: personal-mfg
3131 Leather welting-mfg
3559 Leather working machinery-mfg
2295 Leather, artificial or imitation-mfg
3111 Leather: tanning, currying, and finishing-mfg
2631 Leatherboard-mitse-mfg
2099 Leavening compounds, prepared-mfg
2074 Lecithin, cottonseed-mfg
2075 Lecithin, soybean-mfg
7389 Lecture bureaus
8999 Lecturers
2782 Ledgers and ledger sheets-mfg
2252 Leg warmers-mfg
8111 Legal aid services
9222 Legal counsel offices-government
6311 Legal reserve life insurance
8111 Legal services
3199 Leggings, welders': leather-mfg
2369 Leggings: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
9131 Legislative and executive office combinations
9121 Legislative assemblies
7922 Legitimate theater producers
0174 Lemon groves and farms
2899 Lemon oil-mfg
2086 Lemonade: bottled, canned, or fresh-mfg
8231 Lending libraries
2211 Leno fabrics, cotton-mfg
2221 Leno fabrics, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
3229 Lens blanks, optical and ophthalmic-mfg
3827 Lens coating-mfg
3851 Lens coating, ophthalmic-mfg
3827 Lens grinding, except ophthalmic-mfg
3851 Lens grinding, ophthalmic, except prescription-mfg
3827 Lens mounts-mfg
3861 Lens shades, camera-mfg
3229 Lenses, glass: for lanterns, flashlights, headlights, and searchlights-mfg
3851 Lenses, ophthalmic-mfg
5048 Lenses, ophthalmic-wholesale
3827 Lenses, optical: photographic, magnifying, projection, and instrument-mfg
3089 Lenses, plastics: except ophthalmic or optical-mfg
0119 Lentil farms
2369 Leotards: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Leotards: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2253 Leotards-mitse-mfg
1479 Lepidolite mining
6512 Lessors of piers, docks, and associated buildings and facilities
6519 Lessors of property, except railroad, buildings, or mobile home sites
6517 Lessors of railroad property
4513 Letter delivery, private: air
4215 Letter delivery, private: except air
3579 Letter folding, stuffing, and sealing machines-mfg
3545 Letter pins (gauging and measuring)-mfg
7338 Letter writing service
3952 Lettering instruments, artists'-mfg
7389 Lettering service
2893 Letterpress ink-mfg
2796 Letterpress plates, preparation of-mfg
2759 Letterpress printing-mfg
3953 Letters (marking devices), metal-mfg
3993 Letters for signs, metal-mfg
2675 Letters, cardboard-mfpm-mfg
2759 Letters, circular and form: except lithographed or gravure printed-mfg
2754 Letters, circular and form: gravure printing-mfg
2752 Letters, circular and form: lithographed-mfg
2499 Letters, wood-mfg
0161 Lettuce farms
1629 Levee construction-general contractors
3823 Level and bulk measuring instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3829 Level gauges, radiation type-mfg
3229 Level vials for instruments, glass-mfg
3547 Levelers, roller (rolling mill equipment)-mfg
3829 Levels and tapes, surveying-mfg
3423 Levels, carpenters'-mfg
6351 Liability insurance
8231 Libraries, except motion picture film
8231 Libraries, printed matter
2782 Library binders, looseleaf-mfg
2675 Library cards, paperboard-mfpm-mfg
9621 Licensing and inspection of transportation facilities and services-government
9631 Licensing and inspection of utilities
9651 Licensing and permit for professional occupations-government
9651 Licensing and permit for retail trade-government
2064 Licorice candy-mfg
7381 Lie detection service
6311 Life insurance
6411 Life insurance agents
6311 Life insurance funds, savings bank
2499 Life preservers, cork-mfg
3842 Life preservers, except cork and inflatable-mfg
6311 Life reinsurance
3732 Lifeboats, building and repairing-mfg
7999 Lifeguard service
3089 Lifejackets, plastics-mfg
3069 Lifejackets: inflatable rubberized fabric-mfg
3732 Liferafts, except inflatable (rubber and plastics)-mfg
3089 Liferafts, nonrigid: plastics-mfg
3069 Liferafts, rubber-mfg
3537 Lift trucks, industrial: fork, platform, straddle, etc.-mfg
5084 Lift trucks-wholesale
3534 Lifts (elevators), passenger and freight-mfg
3131 Lifts, heel: leather-mfg
3842 Ligatures, medical-mfg
1629 Light and power plant construction-general contractors
3641 Light bulbs, electric: complete-mfg
5063 Light bulbs, electric-wholesale
3663 Light communications equipment-mfg
3674 Light emitting diodes-mfg
3861 Light meters, photographic-mfg
3812 Light reconnaissance and surveillance systems and equipment-mfg
3671 Light sensing and emitting tubes-mfg
3674 Light sensitive devices, solid-state-mfg
3229 Light shades, glass: pressed or blown-mfg
3645 Light shades, metal-mfg
3827 Light sources, standard-mfg
2899 Lighter fluid-mfg
4499 Lighterage
3999 Lighters, cigar and cigarette: except precious metal and electric-mfg
5199 Lighters, cigar and cigarette-wholesale
3731 Lighters, marine: building and repairing-mfg
3731 Lighthouse tenders, building and repairing-mfg
3624 Lighting carbons-mfg
3648 Lighting fixtures, airport: runway, approach, taxi, and ramp-mfg
3646 Lighting fixtures, commercial-mfg
3647 Lighting fixtures, motor vehicle-mfg
3645 Lighting fixtures, residential, electric: e.g., garden, patio, walkway, yard-mfg
3648 Lighting fixtures, residential, except electric-mfg
3645 Lighting fixtures, residential: electric-mfg
3647 Lighting fixtures, vehicular-mfg
5063 Lighting fixtures: residential, commercial, and industrial-wholesale
3229 Lighting glassware, pressed or blown-mfg
7349 Lighting maintenance service (bulb replacement and cleaning)
3612 Lighting transformers, fluorescent-mfg
3612 Lighting transformers, street and airport-mfg
3643 Lightning arrestors and coils-mfg
1799 Lightning conductor erection-contractors
3643 Lightning protection equipment-mfg
3645 Lights, yard: electric-mfg
2821 Lignin plastics-mfg
1221 Lignite mining
1241 Lignite mining services on a contract basis
3489 Limbers, gun and caisson-mfg
3842 Limbs, artificial-mfg
5211 Lime and plaster dealers-retail
2819 Lime bleaching compounds-mfg
2869 Lime citrate-mfg
0174 Lime groves and farms
3274 Lime plaster-mfg
1422 Lime rock, ground
0711 Lime spreading for crops
5191 Lime, agricultural-wholesale
5032 Lime, except agricultural-wholesale
2879 Lime-sulfur, dry and solution-mfg
3281 Limestone, cut and shaped-mfg
1411 Limestone, dimension-quarrying
1422 Limestone, except bituminous: crushed and broken-quarrying
5032 Limestone-wholesale
3822 Limit controls, residential and commercial heating types-mfg
5331 Limited price variety stores-retail
1011 Limonite mining
4119 Limousine rental with drivers
7514 Limousine rental, without drivers
2879 Lindane, formulated-mfg
3531 Line markers, self-propelled-mfg
3822 Line or limit control for electric heat-mfg
3494 Line strainers, for use in piping systems-metal-mfg
3612 Line voltage regulators-mfg
3699 Linear accelerators-mfg
3824 Linear counters-mfg
2824 Linear esters fibers-mfg
2796 Linecuts-mfg
3842 Linemen's safety belts-mfg
2269 Linen fabrics: dyeing, finishing, and printing-mfg
5131 Linen piece goods-wholesale
5719 Linen shops-retail
7213 Linen supply service
5023 Linens-wholesale
2631 Liner board, kraft and jute-mitse-mfg
3259 Liner brick and plates, for lining sewers, tanks, etc.: vitrified clay-mfg
3069 Liner strips, rubber-mfg
2394 Liners and covers, fabric: pond, pit, and landfill-mfpm-mfg
2675 Liners for freight car doors: reinforced with metal strip-mfpm-mfg
3443 Liners, industrial: metal plate-mfg
5632 Lingerie stores-retail
5137 Lingerie-wholesale
2834 Liniments-mfg
2221 Lining fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: except glove lining fabrics-mfg
3111 Lining leather-mfg
2621 Lining paper-mitse-mfg
3259 Lining, stove and flue: clay-mfg
3131 Linings, boot and shoe: leather-mfg
2299 Linings, carpet: felt except woven-mfg
2392 Linings, carpet: textile, except felt-mfg
2396 Linings, handbag or pocketbook-mfg
2396 Linings, hat: men's-mfg
2396 Linings, luggage-mfg
2221 Linings, rayon or silk-mitse-mfg
3499 Linings, safe and vault: metal-mfg
2259 Linings, shoe-mitse-mfg
3069 Linings, vulcanizable elastomeric: rubber-mfg
2396 Linings: e.g., suit, coat, shirt, skirt, dress, necktie, millinery-mfg
3728 Link trainers (aircraft training mechanisms)-mfg
3489 Links for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3484 Links, for ammunition 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
2851 Linoleates, paint driers-mfg
1752 Linoleum installation-contractors
5713 Linoleum stores-retail
3996 Linoleum-mfg
5023 Linoleum-wholesale
3555 Linotype machines-mfg
2076 Linseed oil, cake, and meal-mfg
5199 Linseed oil-wholesale
3272 Lintels, concrete-mfg
3446 Lintels, light gauge steel-mfg
2834 Lip balms-mfg
2844 Lipsticks-mfg
5984 Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas delivered to customers' premises-retail
4925 Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, distribution through mains
1321 Liquefied petroleum gases (natural) production
3823 Liquid analysis instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3826 Liquid chromatographic instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3823 Liquid concentration instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3679 Liquid crystal displays-mfg
3822 Liquid level controls, residential and commercial heating types-mfg
3823 Liquid level instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3443 Liquid oxygen tanks, metal plate-mfg
7389 Liquidators of merchandise on a contract or fee basis
5921 Liquor, packaged-retail
5182 Liquors, distilled-wholesale
2082 Liquors, malt-mfg
2085 Liquors: distilled and blended-except brandy-mfg
3579 List finders, automatic-mfg
3523 Listers-mfg
6531 Listing service, real estate
2816 Litharge-mfg
2819 Lithium compounds-mfg
2819 Lithium metal-mfg
1479 Lithium mineral mining
2621 Lithograph paper-mitse-mfg
2893 Lithographic ink-mfg
2796 Lithographic plates, positives or negatives: preparation of-mfg
3555 Lithographic stones-mfg
2851 Lithographic varnishes-mfg
2752 Lithographing on metal or paper-mfg
2865 Lithol rubine lakes and toners-mfg
2816 Lithopone-mfg
3845 Lithotripters-mfg
2672 Litmus paper-mfpm-mfg
3489 Livens projectors (ordnance)-mfg
0291 Livestock and animal specialty farms, general
0751 Livestock breeding services
2048 Livestock feeds, supplements, and concentrates-mfg
6159 Livestock loan companies
5154 Livestock, except horses and mules-wholesale
2512 Living room furniture, upholstered on wood frames, except convertible beds-mfg
3524 Loaders (garden tractor equipment)-mfg
3523 Loaders, farm type (general utility)-mfg
3531 Loaders, shovel-mfg
3483 Loading and assembling bombs, powder bags, and shells: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3532 Loading machines, underground: mobile-mfg
1629 Loading station construction, mine-general contractors
4491 Loading vessels
3679 Loads, electronic-mfg
6163 Loan agents
6163 Loan brokers
6141 Loan companies, small: licensed
6162 Loan correspondents
6159 Loan institutions, general and industrial
6141 Loan societies, remedial
8743 Lobbyists
0913 Lobsters, catching of
7373 Local area network (LAN) systems integrators
4111 Local railway passenger operation
4813 Local telephone communications, except radio telephone
4212 Local trucking, without storage
1629 Lock and waterway construction-general contractors
7699 Lock parts made to individual order
3452 Lock washers-mfg
3089 Lock washers, plastics-mfg
7299 Locker rental, except cold storage
2542 Lockers, not refrigerated: except wood-mfg
2541 Lockers, not refrigerated: wood-mfg
5046 Lockers, not refrigerated-wholesale
3585 Lockers, refrigerated-mfg
3429 Locks and lock sets: except safe, vault, and coin-operated-mfg
5072 Locks and related materials-wholesale
3581 Locks, coin-operated-mfg
3499 Locks, safe and vault: metal-mfg
3429 Locks, trigger, for guns-mfg
7699 Locksmith shops
3647 Locomotive and railroad car lights-mfg
3531 Locomotive cranes-mfg
3462 Locomotive wheels, forged: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3743 Locomotives, locomotive frames, and parts-mfg
1041 Lode gold mining
7041 Lodging houses operated by organizations for members only
7021 Lodging houses, except organization
2452 Log cabins, prefabricated: wood-mfg
4449 Log rafting and towing
3531 Log splitters-mfg
4212 Log trucking
0171 Loganberry farms
2411 Logging contractors-mfg
3531 Logging equipment-mfg
5082 Logging equipment-wholesale
4013 Logging railroads
1389 Logging wells on a contract basis
3825 Logic circuit testers-mfg
2411 Logs-mfg
3699 Logs, fireplace: electric-mfg
3433 Logs, fireplace: gas-mfg
5099 Logs, hewn ties, posts, and poles-wholesale
2861 Logwood extract-mfg
2211 Long cloth, cotton-mfg
4813 Long distance telephone communications
4213 Long-distance trucking
3552 Loom bobbins, wood or metal-mfg
3552 Looms (textile machinery)-mfg
3552 Loopers (textile machinery)-mfg
2395 Looping, for the trade-mfg
5112 Looseleaf binders-wholesale
2782 Looseleaf devices and binders-mfg
2678 Looseleaf fillers and ream paper in filler sizes, except printed-mfpm-mfg
2782 Looseleaf forms and fillers, pen ruled or printed only-mfg
3851 Lorgnettes-mfg
7999 Lotteries, operation of
7999 Lottery clubs and ticket sales to individuals
9311 Lottery control boards-government
3651 Loudspeakers, electrodynamic and magnetic-mfg
5813 Lounges, cocktail
2384 Lounging robes and dressing gowns, men's, boys', and women's-mfpm-mfg
2369 Lounging robes: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2253 Lounging robes-mitse-mfg
2431 Louver windows and doors, glass with wood frame-mfg
3442 Louver windows, all metal or metal frame-mfg
3444 Louvers, sheet metal-mfg
3914 Loving cups, silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
2064 Lozenges, candy: nonmedicated-mfg
2834 Lozenges, pharmaceutical-mfg
2992 Lubricating greases and oils-mfpm-mfg
5172 Lubricating oils and greases-wholesale
2992 Lubricating oils, re-refining-mfpm-mfg
7549 Lubricating service, automotive
3724 Lubricating systems, aircraft-mfg
3569 Lubricating systems, centralized-mfg
3569 Lubrication equipment, industrial-mfg
3569 Lubrication machinery, automatic-mfg
3714 Lubrication systems and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
3743 Lubrication systems, locomotive-mfg
5948 Luggage and leather goods stores-retail
2211 Luggage fabrics, cotton-mfg
3429 Luggage hardware-mfg
2396 Luggage linings-mfg
3429 Luggage racks, car top-mfg
7699 Luggage repair shops
3161 Luggage, regardless of material-mfg
5099 Luggage-wholesale
5063 Lugs and connectors, electrical-wholesale
5211 Lumber and building materials dealers-retail
5211 Lumber and planing mill product dealers-retail
2421 Lumber stacking or sticking-mfg
4226 Lumber terminals, storage for hire
2426 Lumber, hardwood dimension-mfg
2421 Lumber, kiln drying of-mfg
5031 Lumber: rough, dressed, and finished-wholesale
2421 Lumber: rough, sawed, or planed-mfg
2329 Lumberjackets: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2819 Luminous compounds, radium-mfg
3646 Luminous panel ceilings-mfg
3612 Luminous tube transformers-mfg
5812 Lunch bars
3469 Lunch boxes, stamped metal-mfg
2392 Lunch cloths-mfpm-mfg
5812 Lunch counters
5963 Lunch wagons, mobile-retail
2013 Luncheon meat, except poultry-mfpm-mfg
2011 Luncheon meat, except poultry-mitse-mfg
2015 Luncheon meat, poultry-mfg
5812 Luncheonettes
2542 Lunchroom fixtures, except wood-mfg
2541 Lunchroom fixtures, wood-mfg
5812 Lunchrooms
3827 Lupes magnifying instruments, optical-mfg
2842 Lye, household-mfg

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